Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Unit 1: Anatomy - The Structure Of Man Research

Hello Everyone,

It is time to take a look at the structure of man (there is also a DVD set with the same name). Anyway this post is to sample what is required from bone structure to muscle groups, this will be expanded into my research of the Hand Studies, the Feet Studies & the Head Studies.


As you can see, above I have grabbed a bunch of images that I believe will aid me in completing an accurate interpretation of my own hand. The sketched out versions are for me to understand the level of shading required. The Xray is to see the bones in their glory, the rest is documentation so I know what goes where and why.


I have recurred the same instance below here only for the foot, I believe a various type of mediums will help me achieve accurate interpretations now and in the future. The bones are a decent basis but If I don't understand the muscles I will never have the complete picture.


For the face I decided to research more into the structure as opposed to seeing a finished sketch. It wouldn't be personal to me, where as feet and hands are kind of universal amongst most people. I have already learnt a thing or two just by looking at these diagrams.


For my final 100 yards I thought it best to grab some muscle tissue as that's probably what I understand the least. The skeleton is vital to my understanding of the complete figure. I thought it was also a nice addition to have a comparison between male and female in this little compilation.

Now onto my anatomical video research, I mentioned the structure of man above. I actually purchased it, the man is called Riven Phoenix and he knows his stuff. Check out his site if you dare...

Anyway, I think I'm done with anatomy research. I know what will morph and I know exactly what will happen when I become "Waldepeer". These will no doubt be used in guiding any extra detail...

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