Friday, 30 September 2011

Unit 1: Anatomy - "Waldepeer" Development Day 1

Hello Everyone,

I have one more update for this evening, some of the photoshop development work that I achieved today in Phil's lesson. I have my mind on a painting style that I saw at euro gamer (namely Guild Wars 2 - very painterly). My final concept will rely on suggestion, taking into note things I was told in Life class the other day.

These fundamentals should help me acquire the look I am aiming for, anyway enough chatter. Below are my first 5 developmental concepts, notice the arms.


I will break these down in note form, I will not chatter your ear off. Below is a suggestion in each to the primary elements I am looking to exaggerate to human features.

(1) Was a basic Walrus/seal shape, I just wanted to get an idea and build an initial flow into the concept. I will make a mental note not the underestimate the top of the brow (that differentiates seal from Walrus other then the fangs).

(2) This was my incorporation of the giant arms, I also kept suggestion for a reclining knee bone that is still present even though the legs are now joined at the base. The upper body is defined better with an arched back... it kind of looks like an alien.

(3) Was a more gentle touch, with the signature elongated arms and punched out flipper hands. I also experimented with my colour palette here, drawing from my textures that I posted below in my research. I actually like this pose... it looks relaxed not static but peaceful.

(4) The massive arms dragging the core body across the floor. If you look at my thumbs on Fig 4 number 66 you will notice the original. I didn't get too deep into this one, just put down some basics but I don't think this one will work. I'd expect to see a Walrus laying on his gut, I want to do something "out of the norm".

(5) Was a final experiment with the facial features. I stretched the human nose so this Walrus has 2 giant nostrils. I will play with this idea a bit when I start incorporating my facial detail into the concept.

Anyway, that's me for tonight, got Maya stuff to do for tomorrow.
Take it easy.

Over & Out,

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  1. I like the fact that you're confident with the direction of your hybrid, you have a vision and you're developing it, good. But just as a suggestion, in my view it's still early development and I can see that you're doing slight variations and different poses but still the same mutation (even in your development day 2 post). It might be a good idea just to whip out an alternative design at the same quality as your day 2 post but in a completely different form; it doesn't have to be your best idea, you can just say that you did it but turned away from it because "of this and this etc.". So for example it could be you but still with legs that are deforming and maybe only one arm that is going flabby (so still a bit human). Hope I'm not busting your chops too much :P