Monday, 5 September 2011

Summer Unit: Free Thought...

Well I’m back again, after reviewing a comment on my previous post, over & over & over it made me realise I had to step up and stop being terrified of what my mind does when it wonders. I had initially gone through a colour pass of my turn around’s problem was again that I don’t like looking stupid, I feel embarrassed when I push myself particularly in art.

The problem is... I think too much, I try to generalise and create a structure so I can plan but it is counterproductive especially for art. My friend (who is a ruddy good artist) always tells me I have to be free and let that worry go let that structure go, even if it’s for a moment when drawing.

Till today I didn’t really get what he meant, for me drawing was always an incomplete part of something else, so I structuralised it so it felt to me like a series.

But that’s not free... It’s a thought process.

Tonight, I’m going to try to (just for five minutes) shut those noises off in my head when they tell me I need to follow a structure, a pattern... not to be “free”.

I have to at least mute that side of my head even if it’s only for 5 minutes, it’s a start.

I’ll go into more detail & I’ll do what I have to do to learn what I want to know most... how to draw like a pro...

Wish me luck, time to try “free thought”.

Over & Out,

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