Sunday, 4 March 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - Time Management - Deadline Complete

Hello All,

Having just completed the last Unit on time I am counting the moments until the next massive leap into the animation project. Slight worries, motivation a little low but I keep telling myself I did my best & there's nothing more I can ask. I guess I was just hoping for that moment of clarity, but I guess mines a little delayed...

I could be trying to fit too many hours into the day, hours that cannot possibly be fit into the day. Still, I think story telling went better then the last unit which was a miscalculation on my part.

Anyway lets sign off Unit 4...

Another Unit is down, I suppose I should be celebrating I personally never thought I'd get this far. University is a huge thing - a mammoth that everyone else always had but never me... Not this late anyway.

I guess we will have to find out how the next Unit goes which rumour has it is a buzz kill. I guess if I survive this I'm surpassing my own expectations. Anyway, I enjoyed Unit 4, even if it totally burnt me out - the finished animated short was what I expected & I'm more wise for having done it. I may even use it for my personal projects to get them further developed...

I hope this next Unit will go even better then the last and even better then the ones before. My goal is to be the best, even if it kills me, which it nearly has ha-ha.

Focus on the task at hand...

Over & Out,

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