Friday, 23 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Life Class Week 14

Hello Everyone,

I just thought I would post up this weeks life class, its been sitting there nagging at me. My own nature to sit there and stare at it had gotten the better of me until now. This week was again focusing on the movement of the model a concept I hadn't grasped earlier on but I tried to embrace it near the end.

I have to say it's been a little difficult as I love to refine an image, life class has had me constantly trying to speed up. Now I have literally a second on a pose trying to encapsulate one movement into the next. It is tough but I have to take the lessons away from the class. It is important & I know that...

Lets get down to the life class images...

Figure 1 shows the quick sketch phase which once again is an assortment of poses that have to be drawn quickly. I think we had 5 minutes on each pose before the model had to move. I think I'm getting better here considering before I couldn't construct a thing in 5 minutes other then mistakes...

Figure 2 is a continuation of the quick pose phase, needless to say I was trying to fit everything to a page but sitting down made it kind of difficult to utilise everything. Still the content is what matters here not the amount or how well one fills up their page.

Figure 3 was an array of poses that we were to capture in motion, as stated at the beginning of this post, I found it kind of difficult. I didn't know what to focus on having not long on any pose what so ever. Still as the night went on I managed to get the hang of it somewhat...

Figure 4 was another 15 minute pose, again I had no idea where to begin but I decided to focus on the hips here specifically. Seeing as the entire body reacts to how we land on the floor the hips felt as though they were the centre of everything, (because they are).

Figure 5 was probably my only success of the night. I could have drawn more but the darkness of the charcoal made it rather difficult to differentiate lines behind other lines. For this I decided to focus on the 4 frames in front of me. The models foot would lead the chest, to do it ordinary makes it appear wrong so you have to exaggerate it.

Well that concludes life class for this week, I guess we will have to see how the next one goes. The next is the last one until after Easter so I guess I will have to soak up the idea of the moving image before we leave.

Take it easy everyone!

Over & Out,

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