Thursday, 8 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Life Class Week 13

Hello Everyone,

Just uploading the other days life class stuff, thought I'd take a different approach with it this time, inverting the colours. I actually like it this way, does something unexpected. Its always nice to appreciate a picture from the opposite end.

I am going to be beginning my animation tests in a little while having had no feedback on my original ideas (THANKS CREATIVE PARTNERS!). I guess I'm just going to have to dive into a draft idea & see what happens. Fingers crossed that I actually do something right this time.

Anyway lets move on to the life class :)

Figure 1 (above) shows the speed sketching phase which we were given about 5 minutes per image just to dart through & capture a range of motion. While this process still scares me at times I think the quality of them is slowly increasing...

Figure 2 (above) is the second batch which I had to change the page in order to continue. Chris likes us to draw large mostly due to the larger the image the more detail you can incorporate. I always try to fit the entire figure on the page...

Figure 3 (above) was the first in the series where we had to draw specific emotions (applicable to our animation unit). I cant remember the names of each one, I think this one is sadness its very hard to isolate the meaning without the facial detail.

Figure 4 (above) is kind of snooty, I think its pompous or something that is defiantly something I got from the gesture of the model. I like this one purely because it appears to flow right thanks to the central line being pretty accurate.

Figure 5 (above) I remember partially because it was hard to convey the emotion. If you cannot guess this was Anger, not an easy thing to show from behind the model. I think the arms work but I don't think it is shown as well as another angle could have been.

Figure 6 (above) is grumpy but I think there was a more elegant word for it, I just take it back to the basic. I think the gesture expresses it well & although the face is incorrect I think that aids the gesture in expressing the mood.

Figure 7 (above) last but not least was Wounded, I had a pretty good angle for this pose which I think conveys the defeated pretty well. I was more free with the lines in this one trying to expand the size of my drawing to the entire page.

Well that concludes life class for this week, hopefully I will continue to improve as things move into summer and further into year 2. Kind of daunting really to think it has been 13 weeks of art classes, never thought I'd last past the first.

Well I think this programme is helping just gotta keep those drawings coming so I continue to learn these methods.

Over & Out,

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