Sunday, 4 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Time Management

Hello Everyone,

Just bringing in the beginning of the new Unit - Animation. Tomorrow will consist mostly of researching the idea, trying to find the correct way of bringing a new experience to my portfolio. I have thought ahead by working out frames also which if one was to go by the 25 frame average set my our premiere pro experience a single minute - 60 seconds will consist of 1500 drawn images.

I worked this out from the beginning of the Unit but taking into account that I have the development to consider. The animation itself will be a week 4 - 5 finalisation. I also have to remember the Time Machine presentation which will happen on week 4.

Below is the all new Unit 5 Task Board...

The same breakdown applies as in the last Unit, because I think it sums up the development of each week quite successfully.

Week 1 - Research & Development
Week 2 - Exploration & Justification
Week 3 - Confirmation & Core Development
Week 4 - Finalisation & Completion
Week 5 - Final Touch & Upload

I haven't forgotten that we have a 2 week period for Easter which will bring us a slight extension. The Unit 6 briefing happens mid way and we have some strange thing called a Dragon Briefing at some point. Anyway I wont get too far into it, I'm just taking it as it comes & hoping for the best here...

Lets get this party started...

Over & Out,


  1. Have you done any hand drawn animation before?

  2. I believe for hand-drawn we're looking at more 12 frames a second :) each drawing lasting 2 frames... 750 drawings for 1 min. See you later

  3. Me? Hells no... The idea terrifies me... Ahh okay 12 frames cool... That will save me some hassle

  4. Depends how smooth you want your animation :)