Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Character Research & Silouette

Hello Everyone

Having had discussions with Phil today I realised that the lamp I have been looking at is completely wrong and is not a "Standard" lamp. A standard lamp is usually as tall as a person and has a wide shade w or w/o tassel's. The foot of the lamp is usually elongated also which I assume is to stop it from tipping over.

The advantage my object has is the sides are more or less the same as the front all the way round in fact, so the only turn around profile required for this object will consist of 1 view. I imagine the stand on the floor to be consistent to that of 2 feet or a hop. Not sure which I will go for yet so please let me know which you think would work...

Anyway the Researched designs are below with silhouette...

The image above is my line up... there are quite a few interesting designs I can consider here. The designs I prefer are 1, 4, 7, 11 & 15. 1 just feels oafish, kind of like a hunchback lamp, awkward and not straight. 4 again sees the stand twisting at peculiar angles making the lamp appear slightly off balance. 7 is straight but I like the top larger then the base which could call it to be clumsy or fall over. 11 Pyramid head lamp just looking at it made me chuckle, just something about it. Last but not least 15, it could be lovable and a bit of an unstable idiot, the curved top is "cute".

I took this chance to turn the images found into silhouettes just so I could get an idea of the shapes the make the form. Pretty straight forward but a nice thing to know, I'm quite sure that after I have drawn the 900th image I'll be the king of lamps. Just like I'm sure drawing 900 of anything will make you a master...

Well that concludes this little post, now that I know where the design of this character is going I just have to get down to my core ideas and see what happens. I think I will go introduce myself to my creative partners and tell em to get some comments down to me... I NEED FEEDBACK!

Take it easy all!!

Over & Out,