Monday, 5 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Character Research

Hello Everyone,

Just thought I would do some thinking out loud and throw some images up that I found of lamps that really gave me a feeling of character.

The focal point here is Oafishness which can mean stupid or clumsy do I want my character to be lovable? Quite possibly especially if one of my more sentimental ideas makes the cut. Do I want to consider rustic? It has a certain charm to it I mean look at Wall-E. Sci-Fi could be considered I mean look at R2D2 but then does a lamp fit into that world.

It feels natural to call clumsy charming, its accidental after all nobody is trying to break stuff. I think clumsily lovable is my theme with the exception of the Frankenlamp idea. We are looking for that moment when we can no longer deny that the lamp is alive... Hmmm...

Lets look at some images...

Group 1 contains my less favourable lamp designs. With my favourites being 6 & 10. 7 is blatant pixar and yeah I don't want to use their design on principle I mean cm on it has to have my flare. I liked 1 but the design didn't feel lamp like even if it has a bulb, the same deal with 3 & 2. I just want to consider parts, my true design will come from the construction of his demeanour.

Group 2 on the other hand are my favourite 5. 11 is very sci fi but I do get the feel of an interesting walk and Oafish demeanour. 12 is cute simple as that its just kismet that I wrote an idea about an idea about a lamp trying to detach itself from a wall socket to save its owner... Very stylised.

13 plays on the animal angle, which could easily be considered clumsy. 14 is serpent like and again interesting I can just envision this one tripping over his own tail. Finally 15 charming and kind of stick insect like, I don't know this one just spoke out to me and felt as though it had character.

Well this concludes my research for now, I have a good idea for my designs and some initial ideas for story along with some animation research. Additional animation research will probably go further into youtube to find other clumsy characters.

Take it easy everyone!!

Over & Out,

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