Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Week 1 - 2D Animation

Hello Everyone,

It's a little late but its here!

Just putting the finishing touches on things so I won't waffle, just thought id get this post ready for the work on display. This week we were set additional homework which is due in today. I have my videos uploaded and my gestures being put onto photobucket as I speak.

I found the cell animation interesting, i believe it can be taxing, not because of the drawing involved but mainly because of the amount of paper and things one has to consider when using it. Example my boulder splits and leaves debris, so that meant I had to draw the debris of the previous rock over and over. With that being said it has been quite fun!

Anyway lets move on to the work...

Gesture Drawings:

Initial Character Sheet

Cell Animations:

Bouncing Ball

Breaking Boulder

Lamp Morph to Blimp

This concludes my animation post for this week. Hopefully next week I will have alot more, the only thing really missing here is the storyboard. There just wasn't enough time.

Hope everyone gets a kick out of these :)
Take it easy!!

Over & Out,


  1. Wow what a list of some good work. Im loving the flow of your gesture drawings!

  2. For the character designs, 4 is a strong design and I like D for design.