Monday, 5 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Initial Ideas

The following are my initial ideas for this Unit, I wanted to get this stage down so people could get back to me as & when. I want to get this idea finalised by the end of the week. Mainly so the script writing process can begin.
Idea 1 - "The Chase" - Clumsy Tony the lamp has blown his bulb, he has to venture to the vast supply cupboard to capture his glass counterpart.

Idea 2 - "Frankenlamp" - An expired lamp is brought back to life when an electrical surge stikes the building, the lamps return has made him Oafish - clumsy & abnormal.

Idea 3 - "An Urgent Message" - A lamp clumsily battles to unplug himself from the wall when his owner suddenly falls ill.

Idea 4 - "The Return" - A man dies & is reanimated into the form of a lamp in his widows house. The man has to somehow come to terms with his new form.

Idea 5 - "The Powerplay" - A lonely unpopular standard lamp does his best to impress the beautiful Shana lamp to his own clumsy misfortune.

This time I will NOT even elude to which I prefer, they are all written out plainly so no one can favour what I may like. I need honest opinions here not opinions I'd prefer to hear.

Besides ideas are very cheap at this stage I understand that now, I just need to find something that works & if none of these do I will write 5 more until one does...

Anyway I hope everyone is doing good!

Over & Out,

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