Friday, 23 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Maya Exercises, Week 3 - Rigging the Arms

Hello Everyone,

Just posting the Maya exercises which I have to say I could not resist doing. I felt rubbish all yesterday but still got online to have a play with the 3D rigs. Needless to say this week was the arms, so I had to plot those as well as I could, even when considering my mesh's pudgy fingers.

I have to say I think I am actually getting the hang of what goes on when I rig, I can remember on day one the connection editor being the very bane of my existence. Having to use it repeatedly for the fingers something clicked. Just to wire controls to points, the whole process is amazing I have to say & I really am enjoying it...

Anyway lets get on to the images:

Figure 1 (above) shows my empty rig which has adopted the caveman form. I am very proud of this even though I have yet to sort out the legs. Possibly over summer when I sit down to create my own rigs. There was the option to animate it but TBH I don't see the point unless Cogman moves too...

Figure 2 (above) is my 4 panel view of Cogman. I wanted to put an example of him in the rig. The next stage in the process would be weight painting, something that takes ages if you let it. I will be getting into this technique alot very soon. I'll leave it there i think :)

Well this concludes week 3 of Maya, kind of weird how quickly time seems to be flying when you are overwhelmed with bits and pieces. I am personally amazed I put up the OGR on time.

Take it easy all!

Over & Out,

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