Monday, 19 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Interim Online Review - 20/03/2012 Part 2

Unit 5 Animation Interim Online Review

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  1. OGR 20/03/2012

    Hey Stitch,

    Okay - the bones of this are good - but I've got a few issues I'll express here. In design terms, I'm not sure which of your thumbnails for the standard lamp you might be thinking of going for, but I'm not sure if any of them are quite 'Standard Lamp' enough to ensure your audience 'gets it'. There is here, your tendency to perhaps 'over-complicate', when a simpler, more audience-sensitised approach is required. For example, the label you give your standard lamp doesn't signal very much to me - I don't understand its significance - what I need to understand is that it is 'new' to the window display - so the label needs to read 'New In Store' or 'New Range' of 'New In Today'. That's all I need to know. You've also got some additional complication around the lighting shop itself - there's a sense in your treatment that it's 'full of unusual-looking lights' etc - when surely, it needs to read as a lighting shop immediately - ergo, the lights etc. should be suitably generic - bedside lights, other generic standard lamps. I get a slight sense that you're resisting what is 'ordinary', when 'ordinary' is the essential characteristic of the staging of this idea so that the audience 'gets it' from the get-go. There is nothing wrong with your structure - but again, for your audience's benefit, I think you do need a '10 minutes earlier' caption that sits in between the opening scene of the burnt out shop and the 'beginning'. You need to pare everything down and embrace the line-art/genericism of your world, because in this instance, 'genericism' is your friend. This goes for your standard lamp too - don't obscure it by trying to 're-invent the wheel' - it's a standard lamp, that's all - and it's oafishness needs to be expressed through your animation of it. You know, if you gave it a disproportionately-large head/lampshade, it would read more 'out of balance' and 'clumsy' from the start - like a fat person, or the proverbial bull in a china shop. If you're 'oafish', you're also uncouth and hamfisted - not just clumsy - and perhaps you should think a little more about that aspect of your character's behaviour. For example - what happens if your standard lamp wants to push its way a little more to the front of the window display - and doesn't care who he has to displace in order to do it - and it's the length of his cable that ultimately stops him - hence the need to pull on it and so causing the fire...

    Re. your written assignment - sounds promising - just tweak your intro structure so that you give your key sources and reasons for using them after your opening sentence, and then detail the order of points - finishing with a 'In conclusion, the assignment will seek to prove/disprove/identify/argue etc.'