Monday, 5 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Movement Research

Hello Everyone,

Thought I would throw up my recorded exploits, which saw me falling over a few times while scuffing up my elbows. Don't call me crazy though it was in an attempt to simulate some form of clumsiness. My favourite is the bottle catch which I did appallingly but what can I say it worked...

I even altered my perception of the lamp earlier on but decided against doing so when I started adding arms and god knows what and the brief isn't about that not in this case. These videos are just to get in the mind set of the clumsy even if they arnt used for the final animation.

Lets get down to the videos...

What I gleaned from the video above is when one trips the foot tends to quickly retreat under the body which catapults the body forward sending the face into the floor. I feel the need to note that falling like this actually hurt, so I know it was done right... In cartoons however the extreme is to impact the floor with no arm protection... my lamp has no arms - problem solved.

In this case I feel the need to mention the similarities between this video and the last with an important difference. Tripping over an object is above the ground the foot extends back only earlier, the body still wrenches and catapults. The upper body impacting the floor further ahead of the lower body, which is why it hurts more then tripping over your foot. The bigger the object the larger the ouch.

I saw the video above a while back when watching a comedy television show. The game consists of improv actors trying to act out a scene blind folded on life mouse traps. What I noticed was the way in which the guy in this video stands in an agitated manor. I'd like this kind of foolhardy demeanour when he does one of his many tumbles (supposedly).

This video is a little "Frasier" inspired people who cannot catch a ball or a beer when it is thrown to them are considered clumsy. I' don't act it out quite as well but again this was just to experience the movement. I also mentioned earlier that my lamp doesn't really have arms so this will be a little difficult to simulate without adding arms but we will see...

This video is another fall of sorts only being hit or walking into something. I feel the need to mention here that this one hurt quite a bit, each time to make them look somewhat appealing I had to impact the floor. Again these were just my clumsy tests I don't doubt I can find better videos online when needed. For now though this will defiantly do, until I lock down an idea...

Well that concludes this little research storm, I'm getting quite a few ideas here so once I have finalised an idea I will get cracking on the character concept. I want to have a few renditions so I can pick the best one...

Take it easy guys!

Over & Out,


  1. Loving the roleplay stitch!! :) its a very important part that animators should use to make awesome work. Keep it up :)

  2. Agreed! Loving the commitment here, Stitch - walking into cupboard doors in the name of art! :)