Sunday, 11 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation - Reference for Motion Sketches

Hello Everyone,

I just thought I'd take this chance to get to work on Meg's stuff, now I begin more or less with reference. My camera has a 3 frame limit on timed shots so I decided to convey the motion in 3 frame actions. The ones I am particularly fond of are the ones that have me spinning my body. These images are delayed by 1 sec per frame so they are distinguishable.

It occurred to me if I can convey an action in 3 frames then all one has to do is fill in those gaps. The trails on my images were what Meg was getting us to look for in poses I'm sure of it. That's why the figure is to be drawn with spirals... to communicate movement not form. Of course the both are required for a flowing animation but I think her quick sketches (which is why I made these ref videos) are for movement.

Anyway I won't waffle I just thought I'd get this up... Enjoy ;)

Well that concludes my reference, there are a total of 51 images here, Meg wants 10 drawn per day which from Saturday is 50. I will be looking at the movement expressed in these 3 frame stills. Not just the figure but the trails created by the figure. What is the motion? A question I intend to answer...

I will express this in quick 5 minute sketches per image the first 10 tonight Ill knock out 20 tomorrow. So on & so forth. Well that concludes this little post. I hope everyone else is having fun here :)

Over & Out,


  1. Buzzing with energy! Hahaha. Hope you are well and things are going okay, been a while.

  2. hahahahaha I reckon you do this to keep yourself amused anyway :P