Friday, 3 May 2013

Unit 9: Adaptation - "Day" Car 2D Turnarounds to 3D

Hello Everyone,

Well the low model has been made, to people that have been paying attention you would have seen this done for my other models in prior posts for this unit. I think why I consider this post so important is it shows how the model was born from the 2D turnaround image. This in many ways is the most important step of making 3D models in Maya or any 3D program really. This stage demonstrates how something is projected from images to make 3D geometry. This is also why I project the model on afterwards just so people can see how nice I managed to get it to line up...

Just like the "Night" car this one has seen a few issues come and go but at least it is here ready to go beyond 2D realm. There are a couple of bits missing mainly because most of the images I found of these cars depicted them without wing mirrors. This is probably due to the automobile being a new thing back then so don't hate me for not including them... However things the things I did miss (which I wish I didn't) was the tail pipe and rear lights... I had been working primarily with front on imagery and with my knowledge of cars being rubbish they were missed out sadly...

Well lets get to it shall we?

The Day car has a much lower roof then the Night so the scale is most definitely lower. I have seen these cars first hand they are very boxy and the fact that it only has 2 seats makes the passenger area much smaller. This car is mainly about destruction, what happens when you smash up a brand new car. I have localised the damage to the front based solely from the "Day" narrative of chapter 3 of my fictitious "Drive" game. This has the Driver perform 2 stunts for the camera, one is to drive head on into a wall, the other is an aerial collision with another car... This is why the suspension is screwed...

Next come the silhouettes of the car if anything it is an excuse to compare the front to the side, in this case I wanted to make sure the car looked like its counterpart. As I think I mentioned above a few aspects are missing from this the same way some were missing from the Night car too. This was my bad so hopefully in the future I will not make this mistake again. I am still happy that the form matches up though, even with missing components. This one was particularly difficult to get the front of the car correct to the side... painting these forms was.... interesting.

Next is the 3D Profile for the "Day" car. This shows the 3D model projected onto the turnaround image planes. The scale to the Driver is also important as he has to be able to fit into these vehicles realistically. This car was quite interesting to model mainly because the poly-count was actually much lower due to the lack of window geometry. The passenger area is much simpler so I'm hoping for less of a texturing job also. My main concern is making the front look smashed enough that it is believable... I want this car to be new but damaged... Not old and rusted like the Night.

Last but not least is a visual of my 3D model with its planes. This car was originally a cube which I fashioned into the chassis of a car. Its quite weird thinking of these models in that way. You begin with a primitive and turn it into an object, built from 2D drawings. Anyway the "Trans" is a transparent view of the mesh with wire. The "WOS" is "Wire on Shaded" then you have the standard shaded. I top it off with a close up of the front of the car... mainly because that's what I consider the most interesting part of a vehicle... its like a face... probably why the back got a little ignored :( DOH!

This car now has to go past the UV and low poly complete posts before being ready to texture which I can tell you is not far away. In fact I hope to begin texturing tomorrow. Everyone will still have to remain patient for the Driver concept and final texture. I have been holding him close to my chest for a big reveal. I told myself to sort the cars out and then knock everyone dead with how cool he looks now. In other news I have ordered a couple of little "extras" today not sure if they will all make it for the crit... but I'm sure one of them will hehehe... Anyway ill see you guys soon!!

Wish me luck!!

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