Friday, 17 May 2013

Unit 9: Adaptation - A Short Drive - Final Demo Reel

Unit 9 - Adaptation
Subject Matter - James Sallis - "Drive"
Task - Creating Low Poly Games Characters/Vehicles
Setting - 1930s Chicago (The Great Depression)
Game Synopsis -

The drive was short but sweet, almost ideal. Deep down he wanted it to last a little longer as he had many times before. But this time it felt... different, adrenaline had slowed everything to a crawl. Driver knew why but he didn’t care. This was how it was supposed to be. Sitting back, a grin slid across his face as he anchored his foot to the floor. His unwelcomed passenger was less happy as he shot the Pontiac across the populated crossroads. For a moment he thought he’d lost this game of roulette. Then... “Smash”... he won.

A Short Drive Between Two Lives Full Demo Reel

Final Result -

3951 Low Poly Driver Model
3906 Low Poly "Night" Car Model
3226 Low Poly "Day Car Model

Final Thoughts -

It was nice to get in the mind set for what may be a future career. This Unit has helped me understand the creative methodology to achieving a high standard low poly model. It was also nice to get a chance to exercise my dark desires by the source materials noir undertones. All in all I enjoyed it and probably got a little too into it, to the point I couldn't turn it off... Here's to the next project!



  1. Hey, I love your demo, except 2 things, the lighting on the grey models of your cars, means I can't see the sides of the car when I want to. I know you show the model in Wire and textured but I'd like to see them in all stages. You can still keep it moody but allowing the model to be seen too. Up to you obviously but that's my feedback :)

    1. Agreed & adjusted... Thank you Madame :)