Friday, 17 May 2013

Unit 9: Adaptation - A Short Drive - 3D Crystal

Hello Everyone,

Consecutive post number 2 reporting for duty, I just want to get things finalised today and I can think of no better way then sitting down and just cracking them out. These posts are my final touches to an otherwise successful completion of Unit 9 - Adaptation. These things are just extras as they are after the deadline and are more for my own piece of mind. I would think of myself as a heathen if I didn't share them with the world as I have become so accustom to doing. I would have knocked these up sooner but I have been doing a bit of tinkering around the house... It was sorely needed.

This post is about 3D Crystals one of my little "extras" which turns 2D images into crystallised 3D manifestations. Basically you send a photograph to a firm and they etch the pixels of the image into crystal creating a un-degradable photograph.  The image is also given dimension but it is not a complete 3D representation as the back is transparent. If anything it creates a kind of mask for the photograph meaning the back just shows the inside of the front of the face which essentially is the front of the face. Its cool and I got a light with this particular order :)

Anyway lets get down to the 3D Crystal!!

The image above is the front and side views of my 3D Crystal. From the front it looks like an image but you can turn it and it does provide dimension largely due to the side/depth. Of course the side is kind of an illusion because it can only go back so far before the image has to end. I had half a mind to enquire about sending 3D files to these companies but I'm not sure if they have the facilities to print full 3D geometry into Crystal. It's probably something I could ask in the future. I guess this time I just wanted to mix it up a bit and try something different from a marketing stand point...

The render above is the actual image that I sent the firm when ordering the Crystal. At this stage I hadn't finished the painting aspects but just wanted to order a 3D Crystal to see if it could work. I was pushed for time and wanted to send them something, I was hoping it would be here before Crit but deep down I knew it wouldn't be. Part of me wishes that I had ordered 3 Crystals each with different coloured lights to show the colour code of my 3 3D games models. Again this is something I could still go away and do but 3D Crystals are about £45.00 just for one... Quite pricey...

The image above shows the Crystal without any light other then my cameras flash. I probably should have cleaned it before taking this picture as you can see all of my finger prints. For those of you that do not know I always feel a need to try and take something physical from my projects. I like to be able to interact with what I create. Making something digital is one thing but physically holding something you created in your hands is another entirely. I will always strive to push this further and further... I have done it with viral books, rapid prototyping, t shirts and now 3D Crystals... I wonder what's next...

The image above shows what I received in the mail when ordering my Drivers 2D/3D bust. You basically get a little light stand that projects the light up into the Crystal. This illuminates the pixel etchings inside. You can get a better idea of this just by looking at the image at the start of this post. Its actually quite cool because you can see them in the dark and they are quite good night lights I don't mind saying. There is also the option for battery power should you need them to be portable which I imagine is a cool thing for displaying to clients or networking events even.

Its actually quite a cool things to own should you have the option to one day purchase one. I had the epiphany some time back when I went to Florida. They basically turned my ugly mug into a 3D Crystal and I really liked the idea wanting to go beyond the digital realm and more into physical creations. You can add custom text to the Crystal also should you have the need to lay out a message or in my case an illustration of his identity "Driver 37". All in all its another avenue for me to push my creative exploits in the near future... Very cool for a 2D image.

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  1. Haha so this was your new idea? Nice

  2. This is sooo cool!! You should do it for Charles too!!

    1. I'm glad this has tickled your fancy haha. I may very well do it to Charles one day. At the moment I'm just making it my mission to explore every avenue of getting something digital out to our world... its ma thing.

    2. Charles was a 3D rapid prototype the driver is a 3d crystal... not sure whats next...

    3. Barbie Dolls.... or as you boys like to say "action figures" :D there are some design your our doll companys :p

    4. Thank you :) I'll bear that in mind for our project :P