Friday, 17 May 2013

Unit 9: Adaptation - A Short Drive - T-Shirt

Hello Everyone,

I am winding down to the last few posts for this Unit now (mainly because it ended the other week). Still I have taken the time to go back and correct a few things (creating a final demo reel also). I also have a couple of things that I ordered for the day of the Crit which meant they would not get posted up until after. My T-Shirt I wore on the day and my 3D Crystal didn't arrive until after the Crit which meant I couldn't show it on the day. Never the less I am here now with this little back log so I will post these up and then get back to mowing lawns outside (I have a large one to finish today).

The T-Shirt Design like all of my T-Shirts has always been a developmental step towards a completed project. They never sport the final renders or concepts but utilize some of the conceptual development. In this case of this one it shows my completed 3D assets but sadly without the wire as the poly-painting was not yet complete when I had to make the order. Every T-Shirt, Item, etc. has to be ordered a week or so before Crit to ensure it arrives in time. In this case I was lucky that my T-Shirt arrived the day prior to the Crit... I love cutting things close.

Anyway lets get to the details of the - "Short Drive" T-Shirt!!

Like my various Stage processes I thought I would do a pretty awesome comparison from concept to model to ME! The image above shows the completed design for the back side of the T-Shirt but also where the design came from. It originated with some "Stage 2" concept art which I spray painted onto my 3D model in ZBrush. I returned to the concept to create the design for the back of my T-Shirt as it is much higher resolution then the model. I still wish they would allow me to cover a T-Shirt with a custom design that way I could make a T-Shirt/Jacket... Oh well..

This is a better shot of the T-Shirt Design, I used a background less PNG image to crop a part of the jacket onto the back of it. I had to rub out/paint the edges of the jacket for it to flow into the T-Shirt. I made the colour of the T-Shirt brown so it would suit the Jacket colour more. There are also another couple of little custom features from the spread shirt website. Particularly the bulls-eye which felt right with the design (for anyone who has read the book "Drive"). I also added a couple of custom quotes and a little old school gamer font on the sleeve with the number "37" for my Driver.

Next the Front which has my low poly games meshes on it in contour render mode (illustrating their wireframe). I kept the colour codes which have been adopted throughout this entire project (The Driver - Orange, The Day Car - Red & the Night Car - Blue). I also fashioned a little custom logo with a bit of a vanishing point road design on it. I wasn't sure at first but I think it really has worked well on this T-Shirt. Part of me was afraid that it wouldn't be noticeable. Still It would have been nice to put the final Render of Drivers face on a Shirt... maybe that's next who knows.

Last but not least a podgy bloke wearing the T-Shirt (image above). I know I don't look too amused in this picture I think I was getting a little tired of taking photographs... There were lots of rejects for this post particularly. Design has never really been a big issue with me its something I came into this degree course already understanding somewhat. I think what I let slip this time was underestimating the time it takes to create something design orientated that is strong. I had the same issue with the Art of... At the end of the day its difficult to say what you include and what you don't...

Sure, when you don't have much work it is easy to say okay I will stretch this into a couple of pages or... I can use this here and that here. Of course when you have a lot of work things become difficult because you cannot really decide what makes the cut. I know that I was so rushed towards the end of this, I just prioritised the final elements. After all everything is shown across the months I have been working on this blog. The T-Shirt got a little side-tracked but I think the back of it is defiantly my most favourite factor. Anyway I hope everyone is doing good!

Take it easy people!

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