Sunday, 5 January 2014

Unit 10: Minor Project - Young Barnabas 2D Turnarounds to 3D

Hello Everyone,

Here is a sample extract from my latest contribution (05/01/14) direct from Polydoodle Pictures Studio Blog. The video below shows the 3d Modelling journey I had creating Young Barnabas Badgersworth. The video briefly shows me changing various details on the Benjamin Badgersworth model to turn it into the Young Barnabas Model. This was done using ZBrush, the model was brought back into Maya after for mesh cleanup and UV adjustment.


"The video above demonstrates the end transformation for Benjamin to Young Barnabas. This was done mostly with ZBrush as it required gradual movement of key anatomical details. These has to be considered as did the facial features. This model probably would have been easier if I wasn't messing around with the hat so much but there we are. I will probably ask Alan for some advice on hair should I feel the need to return to it one last time before rigging. In the video I demonstrate the differences between the characters as the finale."

Read the full article here >>

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