Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Unit 10: Minor Project - Young Barnabas 3D Expression Sheets

Hello Everyone,

Here is a sample extract from my latest contribution (08/01/14) direct from Polydoodle Pictures Studio Blog. The image below shows the prodigy Young Barnabas  Badgersworth's expression sheets in 3D form! These are render composites from the awesome ZBrush render engine. I have to say I do like the contrast between Benjamin and Young Barnabas's expression sheets... Its refreshing to see the difference between characters. Check them both out at our studio blog :)


"The final image of this Unit from my side of things are Young Barnabas's expression sheets lined up for your critique. Despite my dire need for the dark I actually found myself liking the happy face on Young Barnabas. I guess by this point I had filled my inner dark need by knocking up the Darker Young Barnabas Weta concept. If I had time I would try to do all of the expression sheets on my 2D drawn concepts but 6 will have to do for the moment. Maybe one day in the future if I'm feeling bored ill have a bit more of a play... That's not a promise though!"

Read the full article here >>

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