Saturday, 12 May 2012

Unit 6: Commission - After Effects Week 2

Hello Everyone,

This post is for Week 2 of After Effects, sadly I wasn't physically in the classroom on this day I was actually at home working on other bits and pieces. When I found out what the lesson was regarding I decided to simulate the lesson by creating a scene utilising 3D cameras in a 2D space such as after effects...

The only thing missing in my created scene is text but I thought as long as the fundamental theme was applied it wouldn't matter much. I also purchased a plug ins package for after effect which among other things would allow me to create amazing particle effects I have included an example on this post as I felt it was relevant.

Anyway the videos follow:

The video above is a static warp cycle which I created the camera is to move through this warp and create following warps that create the illusion of a third dimension (This will happen in the Stage 2 video). This is what the lesson of Week 2 was based on - 3D cameras so I thought this would be valid as it utilises the principles.

The video above is a dynamic warp cycle in which the camera moves through the first warp into a column of other warps thus creating the illusion of three dimensional space. Personally I'm quite proud of my little warp I love the static movement of it more then the third dimension, it just looks like it has so much more depth then the moving warp gives it.

Last but not least is the video I created using my new Trap code Suite from Red Giant Software. I love the sand effect, I have for so long and finally I have built it. When I sit down to experiment with other effects I will be posting them on here, I'm still adjusting to my old AE form. I have to say I am enjoying my refresher course, its really inspiring me...

Well that concludes this little post, I am learning new things about AE that I didn't know and suffice to say I am enjoying getting a greater understanding. More feels possible now, summer is gonna be the birth of some amazing effects :)

Take it easy people!

Over & Out,

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