Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Unit 6: Commission - Marketing/Research

For my Unit: 6 Commission project I will be focusing on the teen demographic (12-17) particularly those that prefer to voice their feelings and motivations over social solutions such as MySpace or Face book. I wish to communicate this in the style of a journal merging statements of scientific fact with social jargon.

The teen demographics physical journal (materialising their thoughts and feelings) has been replaced by online posts from social dependencies such as face book, it is for this reason that I will be redefining my original tattered journal approach. Nielsen reports:
In the U.S., nearly half of online teens 12–17 visited MySpace and Facebook in May 2009 (45% and 44%, respectively). All said, teens 12–17 accounted for 28% of MySpace’s page views and 12% of Face book’s during the month.
Having considered the number of people that use social networking sites it is probably in my best interest to consider leaning more toward an online social journal as opposed to a secretive old account. Nielsen reports:
Teens are prolific online publishers too. Sixty-seven percent of teen social networkers say they update their page at least once a week. And teens look to their social networks for much more than Gossip and photo-sharing: to teens, social networks are a key source of information and advice in a critical developmental period: 57% of teen social networkers said they looked to their online social Network for advice, making them 63% more likely to do this than the typical social networker

Figures taken from Nielsen’s June 2009 Report on “How Teens use Media”
Considering the teen demographic looking to their online social circle for advice really makes me feel as though education could be a benefactor here. If the video is to be a success it has to be fun but educational like a face book wall illustrating an image which becomes a video.

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