Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Unit 6: Commission - FB Platform Concept

Hello Everyone,

I'm not going to lie I've been having trouble figuring out how to tackle this unit, plus lately I have been losing that magic getting a little uninspired but I'm doing my best to push past it. I have been thinking intently about Phil's feedback to lose the idea of a book and to focus on bigger and better things. Having researched what is popular amongst teens (12-17) I noticed a great reliance in social on line content as opposed to a physical journal diary.

From here I started considering a face book style platform in which I could demonstrate my CG videos trying to somewhat link everything from screen to screen simulating a computer experience in a digital world. I feel comfortable with this approach as it is based on figures provided by a report something I have done wrong in the past. Lets hope I'm right...

Having found the image above I decided to take my idea forward, not fully committing just yet but I think this is a great way to bring across my CG content. I could even keep it to a simplistic colour palette or I could treat it as a different thing all together. I just know that social networking is a very popular on line platform to on line authors.

My opening scene would probably consist of a social wall and a person scrolling down it reading updates from various friends. The person then stumbles on a post (shown above) about immortality. The person clicks the link and loads the subsequent site (age book) which leads to facts amongst other things (shown below).

After the viewer has watched a CG video he notices a face book app which he can install onto his page (see below), when it is installed a telomere rating appears next to the persons profile picture. The years pass quickly in which case the pictures change the man from young to old the telomere rating next to his face degrades as does the icon illustrating the decaying telomeres in us all.

I feel this will communicate well to teens, not only will the platform register as something interesting but also its bearing on a physical photo will be an easy way to understand the telomere ageing theory.

This idea originated with a journal but tbh I wanted to negate the book and do something more modern. Having considered the sketch approach I didn't feel there was a seamless way to transition from 2d sketches to 3d geometry. At least this way I can use the face book platform to delve into the idea and then use a fictional age book app to age and degrade a person with their telomere counterpart.

I'm just hoping that this is correct, I can see it reaching teens on their level when I consider the market research, I'm also going back to my web roots to base a concept around something entirely fictional.

Hope everyone is having a good time :)

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  1. I think this is a really fascinating take, Stitch... develop it further.

  2. thats a really unique idea! I really look forward to seeing it!