Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Unit 6: Commission - After Effects Week 4

Hello Everyone,

Here it is the final developments before the big push tomorrow. First in line is the final after effects lesson I checked the group blog to find out that the Maya deadline has been extended (thank god) because yeah there was no way that was being completed by Friday. Loving the development I'm seeing on my classmates blogs very nice shizzam!

Erm if I do my job correctly there should be 3 other blog posts that follow this one and then I get to sit down and blast out the Art of for the rest of today. Tomorrow is committed entirely to post editing SFX and Special FX probably all night I would hate to break my post crit ritual.

Anyway lets get down to Week 4's After Effects Videos - Enjoy!

We began the lesson by grabbing an image from google which was a rocket man stock image we were then to experiment with motion paths as well as the puppet morph tools which would allow us to move and deform objects with a mouse rotation. This would save us creating millions of key frames which was a nice little trick to have under the belt.

Pete then left us to play with an object of our choosing using some of the methods sadly the only thing I got time to play with was the motion path tool which allowed me to create a pretty nifty bouncing ball effect liken to our previous Units. Sadly I didn't get down to the squashing and stretching but I did but a nice rotation value into a precomp which allowed for a pretty awesome moving effect.

Last but not least we got to the tracking section of the lesson which despite it being a little fiddly was quite a decent thing to know. We were to project an image to a building on the background and use camera tracking to keep it moving in time with the video. It was pretty cool but I did notice a funky thing about it when it came to foreground objects which disappear behind the image... a little annoying. I'm assuming there is a way round.

Well that concludes this little post I will be following with previz and a few other little things before today is up hopefully sooner rather then later I'm going to need quite a long time to get my Art of together... I guess the normal thing to do is to ask that people wish me luck LOL!

Take it easy people!

Over & Out,

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