Friday, 4 May 2012

Unit 6: Commission - Agebook Development

Hello Everyone,

Just thought I would post a little development on the age book idea, I am still refining many of its qualities some of which revolve around me possibly converting my app into a little telomere eating monster but I still don't wish to dilute the content to the point that I am missing the educational point.

With that being said I don't wish to rule the idea out just yet, the app would certainly feel more influential if it was seen as a character in its own right. Ill sketch up a couple of designs of him anyway and see if it leaps out to me. Regardless I have done a few tests deforming the face book page and incorporating the app to a basic face book layout - I think it works :)

The content is as follows, be warned its not for the faint of heart, you may never look at face book the same ever again...

It all begins with a website which runs a video which installs an app onto a persons face book profile. The app has its own agenda and in trying to remove it the app eats the persons face book profiles telomeres, the monster I was speaking about above is the app, I'm kind of wondering if I should add a little personality to him, we will see... Anyway the image above is the app at its present form.

The animation above shows how the app would open when the user clicks it, it also details the breakdown of the app and how this degrades the profile through age. The telomere image degrades as does eventually the entire profile the age book app then assumes control of the persons face book profile and follows this up with a post to the profiles 1 remaining friend (see the image below).

The image above is the link age book posts on behalf of the destroyed profile this follows up the ploy at the beginning quite well with a person scouring their face book wall only to find a post from a forgotten friend. This also gives profiles a personality when one considers that they are of a person gone rogue kind of zombie like, the age book is a virus. This is also true when one considers the close identification of gene manipulation which can be strictly tied to the resident evil franchise.

The image above should look familiar to most of the face book population, yes it is a face book profile mine to be exact. What I want to consider here is a profile very much like this only with the time line option replaced by a rogue app, you can see this on the image where the time line is meant to be. The thing I want people to consider here is the absolute normal profile so when I show a rough altered one it has the desired effect...

The image above is my profile with the animatable box this is just to show how I saw the box animating from a profile perspective probably not needed but I thought I would be thorough here. You may also notice that my name has an annoying attachment "agebook is my friend" to convey a very melancholic evil app.

The image above is a rough example of how I see the profile deforming with DNA strands and telomeres breaking down as the page gradually degrades. The display picture would degrade and age causing me to have to age my own face (grrrr) regardless I'm sure it will be quite a fresh gag on the telomere theory. I think this will communicate to people of face book, I mean the modern world is also quite attuned to the whole app thing as well so I don't foresee this being missed by a teen demographic.

Well this concludes my developmental post, I will be following this up with a few bits of concept art just to get the idea across but for the most part I'd say this idea is almost to fruition. I'm liking the simplistic use of colour it really works well with the face book theme, I'm actually forced to consider the simpler approach which is ideal for such a large task.

Take it easy people!

Over & Out,

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