Saturday, 12 May 2012

Unit 6: Commission - After Effects Week 3

Hello Everyone,

We are now down to Week 3 of After Effects which was yesturday and quite possibly the most enjoyable so far. I had no idea that expressions were the main animated influences of After Effects. Now that I do I will be researching more into programming some of my future work as opposed to using the keys.

To put it plainly expressions are a code in which a person can create more subtle movement in After Effects without having to use keyframes to work out movement on a byframe basis. I can remember numerous text movement I have had to key when in fact expressions create a much smoother and more concise animation.

Anyway check out the video below!

For the video above I used my friends face the boxes were created using scale and position expressions which simulate ripples and squash and stretch values. The hopping jack box was comprised of a moving positional value which we attached to a slider to create a gradual decaying hop motion.

Well that concludes Week 3 of After Effects I knew I would pick up a new thing or two from being at these lessons its why I was gutted that I couldnt be there for week 2. I am glad I was there yesturday it really opened my eyes to these really beautiful animations and that expressions are infact very important to AE. I will be touching up on this all over summer trying plenty of new things for our flash game :P

Take it easy people!

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