Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Unit 6: Commission - Agebook "Inside Facebook" CG Previz

Hello Everyone,

Coming in with my Pre-Viz (finally) I'm actually amazed I achieved this in spite of everything going on at the moment so I hope its better late then never. I have only had time in this instance to throw the music and narration in I am planning on throwing in some subtle SFX when it comes to the final animation on show for Friday.

I kept the basic textures on when I threw it out which I assumed was meant to happen way back in week 3 I just hope its more along the correct lines of what is required as opposed to what I want. I think this is what helped sink much pitch, that and the lack of educative content. Still I got Dr. Klappers opinion on my animatic so at least my educative segment is worded correctly and is seemingly okay.

Right lets get down to my CG Pre-Viz of the "Inside Facebook" segment of "Agebook".

Apologies are in order if the sound is ever so slightly out of sync or if it jitters a little I had to create my previz files on my older laptop as my newer laptop is otherwise engaged still rendering my final scene. I also forgot to turn off the window mode as well so you can see all of the lines but I figured that will do for this at least it syncs up rather nicely with the narration and the music is perfect for it.

Well I think that concludes this little post I have a few other things to consider but I may just include everything else in my booklet which is gonna be fitted inside my agebook DVD sleeve. If anything I'm a little gutted that I was confused at the beginning of this brief I could have much more hand drawn development, alas it took me a while to find my footing - which can happen. Oh well I guess I'm losing my mind ever so slightly lol!

See you in the funny pages!

Over & Out,

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