Monday, 7 May 2012

Unit 6: Commission - Revised Influence Maps

Hello Everyone,

Another little update, I realised I had re imagined my entire idea from the original da-vinci style design I was considering. My work is now about the social scene so I can communicate effectively with teens lets face it very few of them are interested in worn journals.

I also decided to include a map from my monster research because such a thing did happen. I didn't want to dive right into a monster design and you can see the influences these had on the eventual monster time concept. One particularly of note is the one with the long legs I loved the idea of that and its one of the more obvious similarities.

Well lets get down to the revised influence maps:

The influence map above are my monster research, I loved the one coming out of the computer monitor and I only got that by searching viruses. It was interesting to consider these varying types of monster the difficulty here was not making it too kiddy so teens wouldn't feel disinterested not that the narrative would be keyed for children, still I think these monsters had more personality.

The influence map above is based on my social networking research, twitter influenced me more toward including a living logo/monster/virus of sorts. Face book is obviously my larger influence as my entire design is focused on this, particularly the new time line system incorporated by face book.

Well this concludes my revised influence maps, theres not a lot more to say really my idea is going to be more or less based on a website world but I don't want to differentiate too much from the face book layout as teens recognise this layout. This is also why there is not as much concept art the only world I am going to be creating is what is beneath this website - face book DNA...

Take it easy folks!

Over & Out,

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