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Unit 7: Narrative - Smoke Stack Stitch's Posts

Hello Everyone,

Not going to waffle on this post just know that this is all of my posts throughout the course of Unit 7 (our group project). Alan advised me to post a glossary of my contributions so I am doing so, just for those that want to see what I contributed exactly.

There is a tag that only I used throughout the unit (Year 2) which people can use to find my posts I will place that below (first), beneath that I will list every other post individually.


Click the Image above to go to the tag to my posts.
Individual Links:
Time Management
  • Part 1 -
  • Part 2 -
  • Complete -


  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The Industrial Revolution Visual Influence
  • Art Style - Visual Influence
  • Misdirection - Primary Research

Ideas/Creative Writing

  • Early Rough Ideas
  • Narrative Step Rundown
  • Version 1 Script & Narrative Development
  • Version 2 Script & Narrative Graph
  • Ashen Bloom Final Script

Storyboard & Animatic

  • Storyboard
  • Animatic

Concept to Revised 3D Profile & Transition Tests

  • Charles Sketches - Stage 1
  • Charles Concept - Stage 2
  • Charles Revised 3D Profile
  • Transition Tests

Charles Character 3D Model Progress

  • 3D Model Initial to Final Development
  • 3D Model Pipeline/UV Layout
  • Character Rig with Poses
  • Character Facial Animation

  • The Final Viz
  • The Final Viz Mk2

Crit Presentation & Disc Artwork

  • Crit Presentation
  • Disc Artwork:

Physical Items/Branding

  • Art of Printing
  • Rapid Prototype Charles
  • The UV T Shirt
  • Ashen Bloom the Book



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