Monday, 28 January 2013

Unit 8: Character - "10 Waves" Final Detailed Turnarounds

Hello Everyone,

I have many posts to get through tonight so be ready for a tonne of fun. I have spent most of the day knocking up the final posed images... not too sure if they are good enough but they will have to do, I also have a few little extras, not sure if I will have the time to post them though so they may have to wait until later on. I wanted to be sure that my final posed images were Dynamic enough, my talks with Justin told me that I had to basically make poses that were action and not "Rigid" a problem that drives from most of my concept art. The difficult thing about dynamic poses are perspective, you have to look for S curves in the pose itself, and perspective has to be factored into the final outcome. From flipping you see miscalculations which is why most artists have to flip to check that the image works.

I have kept these turnarounds simple with slight detail (with a lot more detail on Clare) I was going to lather them all up and have a coloured layer for detail but again time constraints so I decided to keep it simple. I decided to keep the primitives in place so people could see how the body was constructed through the minor detailed layers. The shapes are key to the character after all, and this should also work facially, I say that with a little scepticism because I am not perfectly accurate when it comes to variance or drawing multiple of the same thing... it takes time, but I'm learning.

Here are the final turnarounds with clothes...


This is the final turnaround for Clare my story's hero. I had placed tonnes of detail earlier along with other things which I didn't want to lose... You can see these details via the colour codes, Green is basically the fabric detail, blue is the basic building blocks of the Characters body, black is the over the top clean detail. I kept red for the facial details only, this is just so people are aware of the zones and should anyone choose to make her (lol). I am quite happy with the final result I love how clean my ink is for this image. Its nice to be able to contrast the various details with colour hues something I may even consider doing if I ever have to do this again. Just keeps it nice a concise the hands probably took the longest that and the feet... I've never been good at these though.
Next comes Banner, something I once again had a few issues with. The perspective is probably what gets me most as the dog is learning the mass of his body forwards, its just difficult to visualise as much as I did try. Still the side is more or less on the nose here (as I said its a perspective issue with me). Having not been one that can do animals very well I think I did an okay job though, its not as perfect as I would like it to be but its still better then I thought I could do. The details are once again hard Black with the basic primitives being the purple. The only real costume detail is the scarf when you exclude the fur. Its as I said I didn't want to overkill him by making him about more then he is meant to be about, he's a wolf and he has a sash necklace.... THATS IT! Its who he is that's important.

Last but not least "Pete the Creek" my villain, probably my favourite turnaround. I love the clothing choice and the line work looks simply awesome. The real detail is when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of his actual body. Turning each shape into a metal joint was actually quite fun I thought it would be rather taxing but I actually enjoyed these little details. The hat is inspired by Barbosa from "Pirates of the Caribbean" not sure I mentioned that before but there it is and I used it directly as reference imagery. The Jacket and belt were another story from my trips to the library and chatting to other creative individuals. One of the guys at my convention loved the idea of a ripped sleeve which is what really inspired that (he even asked that I pitch my idea to him lol).

My time at the games convention was fun and I learnt a lot of things, a few new tricks when it comes to pitching... one day if you need them you know where I am just don't take the mickey haha. I have spent a lot of time refining this idea "Robot Pirates", who knows maybe it has potential to become something awesome, I have more appreciation for it then I did a few weeks back. When it was an idea you never really appreciate it, then after a body of work it suddenly becomes interesting...

Well I think that's me done for this post, I have many others to do so hopefully things get underway tonight pretty snappy. I have submission disc stuff to post also!

Take it easy!

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