Monday, 21 January 2013

Unit 8: Character - "10 Waves" Hair Tests

Hello Everyone,

Finally got around to posting this little doozy, had a few issues with it being stuck to another layer in some document at the bottom of my stack. Never the less I have them now and I must say they are quite special. For those of you that do not know what the hair testing is, its just some random experiments conducted to see which position I prefer for hair (and that's any fur, facial or head). I did this earlier on when trying to identify how I wanted my characters to look. To do this I chopped the heads from the primitive turnarounds and adjusted the hair per head accordingly.

The turn around phase I incorporated to show a more dynamic understanding of my hair ideas. For example if I liked the back of one set of hair and the front of another then I can double book them. I figured this was better then plotting every design from the front so I could understand how the hair would or would not sit dimensionally. Anyway I hope you enjoy what I have produced (even though its a little late but hell its here so lets get to it).

First it's Clare's hair tests, I found myself exploring with shorter hair at first (g, h) this was taking into consideration Justin's thoughts into my original designs earlier on. I then changed my mind it felt less pirate like to have elegance or order (which is when I knew b wouldn't work, neither would d). The more natural felt more correct which is when I knocked down a, c, f & j. I liked the curls of a & j and I especially loved the idea of a bandana. I thought c could have worked but it looked a little too clean and less flustered, I want her to be despaired so unkempt is the key.


Next came the trusty sidekick Banner I had much more fun then I had intended too with his hair design. It was cool trying to make a badass looking wolf but I think I had quite a few that I liked in this lot. Personally g was a big favourite (my business partner even gave me kudos on it). I loved the idea of having a kind of patch of coloured fur over one eye. The colours were more muted, I wanted to aim for a natural look, I don't recall many situations with a red haired wolf (oh wait that's a fox). Anyway I also loved c. and from the side the best defiantly had to be h... Not that I didn't like the others either...


Last but not least came the scary "Pete the Creek" design although in this style it looks rather comical but trust me in the final stages it is anything but. From this I took major influences from d and g. I thought about decorating the back of his head with coats of hair but I never felt that it worked. I preferred the bald approach to further support that the only hair on peter could be on the stretched facial skin across the robot exo-skeleton.

The hat was also a basic fixture but I loved how it looked plain in the original sketch (shown in a previous post)... None of the sides made sense (b, e & h) I didn't like the hobo look or the dojo fighter look or the carnival host look lol. Still it was nice to see them to be sure.

Well I think that concludes this little post, at least its up and people can see the progression I concocted to reach my final designs (which are still to come but be patient :) I am doing my very best to get this all together so I have something really impressive to reveal by next Monday (the day before D-Day). I'm still glad that I can show this level of development so far its certainly better then the sketch phase.

Take it easy people!!

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