Saturday, 26 January 2013

Unit 8: Character - "10 Waves" Clothing Tests

Hello People,

Its been a long few days but I finally have my costume tests to post up, I did this before but as mentioned in previous posts It has been lacking the finishing touches (inking). Never the less they are here now, I kept them rather loose because some of them were never going to work I just wanted to see how things could look if this was about another story. The wolf Banner probably has the least costume options mainly because I didn't want to trinket him up, he's a trusty companion... not a dog people would go to trouble to dress up. His clothing is essentially his fur coat which I had another colour spree with, just to see it on the body not only the head.

I have put the best rendition of a front on face of each of the characters also, I didn't want to keep going on with faceless characters especially when I already have how they should look drilled into my head. I have kept everything very crude as this was all just a development step, I real details will be in the final poses and of course the expression sheets. Anyway lets begin this post I will probably be updating again in a short time to mention props...


I will mention right off the bat that I have gone with D for my hero Clare from this little selection. I liked that it was asymmetrical to such a great degree. I especially liked the massive dragging sash that covered an entire leg (something probably Final Fantasy inspired). The only one that was probably a definite no no was f - the one with the pink sash. That was a definite no-no and just screams Barbie to me even now. If I was to go over this process again I would probably take more consideration into A. I really liked the idea of a red wrap around dress but again I wasn't sure if it was pirate enough...Most of the books I looked at people wore cream trousers etc. with a rather signature red sash.

The tests for Banner as I mentioned at the top were very simple, I wasn't even sure if he needed a costume I mean who dresses up a wolf? Then I thought an identity collar or something could be good but then I realised this is during the time of the pirate/treasure hunter so I took a step back and decided it should just be a bit of cloth. Maybe tied in a specific way. My favourite was defiantly A, I loved how it draped down the side the rest kind of looked like bow ties (I think you will agree). So to mix it up I decided just to try colour tests again this time with the full front body. I still find A the most appealing maybe I will adopt the colour of E just to wear it down a little.


Peter Creek was much more localised, I knew that I could go entirely mad if I let myself so I kept the count down and just kept going until I found one that made sense to me. I wanted to keep his face pale which gradually became a pale green. I noticed that the bright colours really couldn't work, I wasn't going to do the thing marvel did with the incredible Hulk. The faded colours really worked and I am currently deadlocked between D and F. Both satisfy something about the character and the fact the metal isn't a boring grey. The hat also works being kept nice and small for those allergic to hats (me - unless its a south park hat). The feature just felt too much also, that kind of ruled out C and B... plus they were just too bright colourise.

If you have noticed some duplicates you should, the second line were created with just a different consideration to the colour pallet. As I said I did a few but only picked the best ones to put up on here really. Once I had these inked they fit the bill perfectly so I decided to move forward with the final design and pose... something which I am still very proud of haha.

Anyway that is the end of this post, I will be posting up props very shortly I just have a few minor alterations to make to their designs. I will then be cracking on with my final turnarounds, heres hoping everything goes well...

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  1. Hey Stitch, for me vilain D would work seeing that theres a big contrast in colour between hero and villain.

    It might also work as well if you have all three characters together, it helped me out in seeing them all together for my one.

    Good Stuff!! Keep it up!! :D