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Unit 8: Character - "10 Waves" Props - Cursed & Weapon

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Got another update, sorry for the delay on everything I am just putting the finishing touches on some of my expression sheets and hopefully they will be ready to go by later tonight. These prop designs are a little lack luster as I never really had delved deep into the practice. My characters props are mostly grafted to their bodies so they will inevitably be drawn when the final images are up. Alas I thought it was best to put a few down on paper so I dug out my earlier sketches and decided that they were at least a little forethought into additional props if any.

The wedding rings are probably my favourite as I always had envisioned Clare carrying his and hers wedding rings on her neck. Keeping them is her way of clinging onto hope that Peter will not stay the monster that he is and she will have him back one day. The rest are just standard issue weapons from the pirate era mainly swords. The cursed objects were researched earlier and I took the liberty of trying to come to terms with the style I should have been looking at for voodoo objects. This probably went better then the weapon research, it kind of gave the cursed objects a personality but I didn't want nothing too high tech I still wanted it to fit in my era.

Well as stated in previous posts the tale begins with a chest being found, double locked and chain wrapped of course it was never meant to be opened. Not heeding the warnings a rather foolhardy Peter Creek cranks the chest open a big angered when all that's in there is a load of junk. Peter rummages through the chest until something peaks his interest from nowhere, he is excited but he doesn't know why. The object is triangular and peculiar looking, not something from the era, after a while Peter becomes fixated on the object. He no longer cares for anything, but the safety of this object, when his partner Clare tries to intervene he attacks her, causing her to fear him. During the scuffle he cuts his arm but it does not bleed... only metal lies underneath.

My cursed objects ranged from cursed gems through to pendants and necklaces - I didn't want to be pirates of the Caribbean and say that gold is the cursed object... besides gold wouldn't fit right for the uncanny ability to become a machine. I liked the fabled cross but again I didn't really see a place for it I drew F and then came up with the idea for D which I felt was the winner of these objects. G was a tool that I thought could be cursed but then it wouldn't make much sense to the futuristic robot theme. D was the obvious choice here. The balance looks just right and at least that way he could hide the object on him, its not a handful and can be worn or stashed in any crevice to avoid detection. It was just a much nice idea...

Next came the weapon design which I have to be honest felt a little redundant, any props that were going to be on them were not really going to be used, just more for decoration. The wedding rings (H) was probably the only thing I really thought could work, and I bet you are asking why is it a weapon? Because her goal is to turn him back into a human, what better weapon is there then showing a sign of their love. Swords felt right, I began sketching the gun (D) but then decided against it... I didn't want weapons in this. The only weapons that were significant to me was his brute robotic strength and her quick whip fisted chains (I) anything else is decoration... After all how can you hurt a robot with a sword? and I think we found out from the terminator days that guns just don't work... especially old fashioned ones...

Well that concludes this little post about props, I really did work hard to try and figure out ways in which more of them could be used but if I'm completely honest they never made sense to me in the context of this story... well from a weapon point of view anyway. Which is why I preferred the props which were less cosmetic (Cursed objects, wedding rings). I drew them mainly just so I could get in the mind set of the era which I did eventually...

Well that concludes props, I will be posting up more very shortly, I am quite glad that I can cross this little one off of my list and get down to the core of my idea.

Take it easy!

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