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Unit 8: Character - "10 Waves" Expression Sheets

Hello Everyone,

I have been slaving away at these expression sheets just so they make the impact required. I wanted to aim a little higher then my usual level but in order to do so I had to gather a lot of research and run lots and lots of tests before I could approach it. I even checked perspective with lines and did the standard flip horizontal test. Of course I had to do this for every image and I didn't stop until I was at least partially happy with the results. The only part where my heels dragged a little was the Wolf mainly because as I said animals just are not me - I'm the anti - tom lol. I am somewhat happy with Clare's I even snuck in a little extra emotion for her just because I wanted a transformed phase.

I have many other posts to do before today is over and then I have another brief to prepare for - looks like I'm going to have to dust off the old task board. The expression sheets I had planned originally for a complete 6 per character standard but due to time I decided to keep it lower at a standard 5. Clare was a freak accident mainly because I really wanted to see the transformation phase on her face and I wanted to demonstrate that to the masses. I was originally going to do a transformation stages post but again time has caught up with me so that will have to be dragged from previous posts.

Anyway lets get down to those lovely, lovely expressions.


As there are so few of these emotions I decided not to label them but you will know the ones I am talking about. For instance you can tell which one is the transformation one, so already you know the extra addition for her expression list. When she becomes angry her eyes glow and then when she has transformed they become much like Petes and her skin sheds off leaving a metal skeleton (except of course for the upper face). This is only if she embraces the machine in her. I kept the docile expressions in greater number as her human side has to be more important then the machine underneath. Her features are gentle, I loved that from the earlier sketches and its a good example now that we are at this phase.


Next comes Banner, I will apologise for these designs as they are kind of rushed but I think the key features are still present. I like the fact that he now has a gentle side as much as an angry side if he needs it. This is something that was gradually lost in the final face tests but I think now I have managed to bring it back to make Banner more appealing then he originally was. Yes he has to be fierce on occasion and has to protect Clare, but he also has to be the embodiment of innocence and a trigger for her lingering humanity. Clare has to overcome the monster within her and to do that her sidekick has to be sympathetic. I tried my best with the poses but as I said I'm not very good with animals but I gave it my best shot so at least I tried here...


"Pete the Creek" was the bane of my existence at the beginning of this assignment (Justin knows), but I love the expression sheet I managed to do with him. I particularly love the pose where he is temporarily human - coming to his senses. I imagined a part where he snaps out of it near the end and realises he's being manipulated. That image is my favourite and it took the longest particularly because I wanted him to look at his machine body and the hand was closest lol. Other then that I had a few plays with his hat... Taking it off seemed more beneficial to demonstrate the Robot theme and the pirate theme. At least this way they are both present and this should satisfy the brief and what was given to me individually - The Robot Pirate.

I will take this moment to say that these expression sheets were difficult to pull off. Having never done anything quite on this level I am rather chuffed I actually managed to do it (with the cost of a few hours sleep). Still I will make a point of saying that this took ages to do and in the future I will probably be doing more rough sketches because they generally give the best poses other then flying by the seat of your pants in photo shop without an idea. A hard lesson but I have learnt it now and know what to do in the future.

Not long now so I will get cracking on with other things on my list and hopefully I will have a few more posts to show you guys today and till the early hours of tomorrow!

Over & Out,

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