Monday, 28 January 2013

Unit 8: Character - "10 Waves" Size Comparison

Hello Everyone,

Another smaller update, these are my size comparisons, which I knocked up after a class Justin gave us on understanding the size of our characters. I especially liked the idea of comparing them to the sizes of other known characters. You may have to bare with me on the accuracy of these sizes, for example I'm not sure if the size of captain hook is accurate and according to most terminator websites the sizes varied but they are about 6 foot. I compared these to the projected sizes of my conceptual characters. so people understand how they size together. Clare is not a tall woman, just towering above five foot while Peter Creek towers into the 7 foot area (Andre the giant anyone?). Anyway I compared them to the popular cultures "Robots" and "Pirates" just to keep it in the scheme of my project.

I would just like to make the point of saying that these are up in the air, but I did want a considerable difference in size between my characters. Peter had to tower over Clare and Banner had to be wolf size not a freaky giant wolf. I tried to keep it real while also adopting who they are in the story, Clare is swift, Peter is Clunky and slow, Banner is nimble with a very sharp set of teeth. I knocked these up quick so you will have to spare the design aspect, they look better in the final layout you can bet your life on that haha. The next post will be about the final poses I just hope I have time to get the final aspects nailed down tonight.

The size comparison sheets are as follows!

As you can see in the image above I have referenced both of my archetypes for this project and they look pretty cool with my characters beside them. I am a little bit gutted that I didn't have a better pose mapped out for this stage but what can one do. I can see how these are so useful, its really nice to get an idea of where you see characters going and its amazing how something like height can tell you quite a bit about who they are. I had to darken the ink on these images mainly because some of the strokes I took are quite fine, just hoping I don't get that kind of issue on the final layout. I have to get this wrapped up quite quickly though, I have other posts for tonight, one of them being the final poses and I really have to get down to that.

The image above is just of my characters alone so there is no confusion not that anybody could mistake me for the creator of terminator or hook lol. To be honest I'm actually amazed that I'm finally at this point, it seemed like this would take for ages a couple of weeks back but its nearly over already...

I am quite chuffed with my final layouts, its a body of work that I will look back on and probably wipe sweat from my brow. I even have a little plan for the presentation of this unit, I'm just hoping that I will have time to do it before tomorrow ticks around.

Well, I think I am done with this post for now, I will be back on in a few hours to post up the completed poses  and if there's time a few little additional things that I was working on over Christmas when trying to find inspiration. With any luck I'll at least have something cool to show you guys soon! Hope you are all having a good time out there tonight!

Later Doods!

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