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Unit 8: Character - "10 Waves" Final Roughs - Villain: Peter Creek

Hello People,

Again another post I am running for the marathon here... This post is about my Villain the infamous "Peter Creek" a man turned machine lost to a cursed artefact. In the early stages it was very difficult to find a way of representing a scary machine that is still kind of human but not terminator. I mean the influences kept taking me to the scary metal skull with Red eyes that could pierce the soul. The broadness was eventually my way out but having been aided by Andrew Loomis I found my way to creating a completely different way mainly based on classic games such as "Doom".

The constant debates between me and Justin were you have to keep an element of him human so Clare thinks she can save him from this curse. The most obvious way was originally the eyes but then I thought to classic killers like leather face with a chainsaw... The idea of having a face stretched fell out of thin air and it came to me on one of the particular drawings below...

When I began (a few pages back) I completely had no idea I found myself grafting swords onto limbs but for the life of me I couldn't figure out why I put them there...

Figure 1 shows me reverting to the male anatomy, I took some minor influence from earlier projects namely storytelling when I drew up "Andreas" the brute (check it out if you havnt). I found myself being particularly attracted to the physique it just spoke out to me I wanted Peter to be a monster not just an ordinary man (not terminator either).  I knew the way I had to define my route was to make the face the priority if I could get human across this battle would already be won...

Figure 2 was the dawn of my stroke of genius I was knocking up the costume just reimaging the pirate getup but keeping it very robot particularly the hands I really wanted them to be complete machine. The boots provided a nice alternative making him look cowboy like and I loved that too.

The shoulder vents were purely inspired by final fantasy VII clouds armour particularly on his shoulder. It just looked really cool so I thought why not and like any machine he needs ventilation. My real stroke of genius was the face, I created it rather unenthusiastically at first (1.) but it began to make more sense and before I knew it I had found my niche for Creek.

The face being very much liken to muses of "Doom" the scary floating heads that used to annoy the bejebus out of me. I went to town locking myself to my sketchbook for 5 hours discarding paper rapidly I just couldn't get it to work until finally it did. The initial rough was my moment of glory the face was there I even envisioned wires protruding from his chin instead of facial hair.

It all seemed very possible, after being somewhat happy with the rough I decided to invest more time in some detail which is when I really felt I had exceeded my expectations. The face mask was it and I absolutely love the job I did but it did take a while I think an hour is a bit optimistic maybe 3 lol..

Well that concludes this post, these are the very final roughs you will be seeing from me, everything from this point will be inked digitally mostly clean but I may adopt my free flowing style for further posts. Suffice to say this was the first 2 days of our conference but instead of writing notes I was actually drawing things!!! There was a lot more drawing done but I don't have time to post it all up as my deadline is Tuesday these images are the highlights cut and pasted together...

Anyway I will be back with more updates tomorrow once I dig them out of my laptop and get them up and running, Its not like me to be so unorganised.


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