Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - 3D Set Design - Week 1 & 2

Hello Everyone,

Just updating the Maya stuff which I was going to do at the end to show the finished set but decided against it when I realised people need to see the progression. I got this far last week, I've wanted to sit down to do more but just haven't had the time got a few bits to catch up on.

Anyway I have enclosed below a snapshot and render of my sets current state. I have began the lintels which I will resume in my next Maya class on Friday.

This (Image 1) is a snapshot image of my set, as you can see the image planes are present and if you look carefully you can see the edges of the polygons. My next approach will be to continue the lintels which have proved challenging on occasion.

Above is the current render (excuse the lack of lighting). You can see my mapping is somewhat aligned but I know as many probably now do UV mapping can be a nightmare. Even a slight alteration of geometry can cause one to get a different map to the video tutorial. Some may have experienced this if so don't panic just combine your extra parts. The key to UV mapping is layout.

Well, I look forward to my next experience in 3D set design, I am having fun learning Maya(Its something that's been on my to do list for a while).

Over & Out,

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