Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Thumbnails 101 - The Ivory Tower (67-84)

Hello Everyone,

Got more thumbnails to showcase this time only aimed at the ivory tower. I have been exploring lots of perspective points... there are actually quite a few thumbnails I like now... much more then the desert of colours (but that was always going to be the difficult one).

I have been finalising the design for the tower in addition to finding decent perspectives. This will conclude my thumbnail development for the Ivory Tower leaving only the Silver City... Anyway, the thumbs are below... enjoy!

67 was my original idea... simplistic but it hooked me, not sure if its good for the last as it feels kinda evil.

68 I like mainly because of just how simple it is, it doesn't feel bad in fact it feels industrial, which may not be right for the ivory tower.

69 is my shot at attaining a Disney vibe... the fact that the buildings are divided really show this caricature style architecture.

70 is a shell with stairs flowing up it... this looks very dream like possibly the most idea for the Ivory tower... obviously it has to be bigger.

71 the same idea but bigger with a towering city behind it, this was just taking the principles of 70 and trying to scale them up.

72 I love, simple as that I even named this one... the ying yang tower why? 2 heads that twist like a shell... believe it or not I thought of this from the dragon heads (thumbnail 49) in a previous post.

73 is severe perspective, for this I thought about incorporating something old and mechanical here... like a a rusted rail station (liken to the fallen city idea).

74 was thinking of the tower as a chalice which would allow me to incorporate flowing waterfalls (which inspired the design).

75 is a more refined rendition of 74 with some looming inverted mountains... - this was inspired by Avatar's floating mountains.

76 was the same idea as 75 but with more accurate symmetry... I just wanted to see how it would look.

Next came my perspective tests (above).

77 was looking at the ivory tower from a distance next to some overbearing foliage cover... not too sure about this one I kinda want my focal point to be the tower.

78 is more along the lines of something id consider... the 2 point perspective allows me to place a light behind the tower making it stand out even more...

79 is a more topside look at the tower peering and curving with an array of shell shaped steeples.

80 was an angled 3 point, not quite what I have in mind for this piece it might have livened up if there was more foliage... oh well.

81 is a distant shot of a more industrial city like ivory tower... I like this especially because i leads directly to the tower from a perspective path...

82 is a surreal Disney caricature roof shot... just a perspective test again.

83 was more of an angled look leaning to the left allowing the sun to be seen reflecting light onto its surface... another one I actually like.

84 was inspired by castlevania shrouding the towers in Myst from a very distant shot but not interrupting the frontal foliage.

Well that concludes this little post, I will upload the final Silver City ones very shortly, then I can focus on my studies just in time to getting down to my final pieces.

Talk later people,

Over & Out,

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  1. again - some nice thumbnails here - I like the scale of 81, 83, & 84!