Saturday, 5 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Creative Research - Castlevania

Hello Everyone,

For my next bulk of research I decided to delve more into a darker tone limiting my colour palette but creating a much more richer atmospheric image, this style of imagery I find mysterious but beautiful in a strange way.

The first of which was my exploration into google images, after numerous environmental drawings I remembered back to my old games collection only to unearth Final Fantasy IX to the bounds of Alexandria castle from this initial image I managed to create a small breakdown of vibe italicising what I will be expecting from my final concepts.

The smog and clouds hints on the generic "Haunted House on the Hill" which would work as a cliche if the Castle wasn't so effective. The image feels almost surreal hidden in shroud but in the plain sight of an overhead light source. This is a perspective that I thought would work effectively for a firework show :)

For the next development I decided to brainstorm further imagery with a limited colour pallet to see effective ways of utilisation. Perspective was also key for my research to establish the best way of raising the realms up to and including an overhead sky scene. The imagery is dark and depressive with its mottle blues but I couldn't help but feel inspired and invigorated by its style.

The primary focus on my concepts (with the exception of the Desert of Colours) is broad and fascinating structures. I find it interesting how this differentiates from my other chosen studies, less colourful and more adult, showing the depression of an active setting. These concepts would be going the full 100 degrees into Endes adult demographic.

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