Sunday, 20 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - 3D Set Design - Week 4

Hello Everyone,

Finally got my Maya back up to date, can't believe it took all day. Never the less I have reached the end but to my own disbelief it still doesn't look complete.

I have not placed the maps onto the building but they are laid out and ready to go in case I have some time before Friday of next week, if not I think this is close enough. At least all of the videos are done.

As you can see above (1) the snapshot shows the complete building... I have to say I'm very proud of what I have here, looks very neat and if you know me at all you know I love neat :) Not happy that It is not a finished building but I think I did well...

Number 2 (above) shows the actual render, this also shows how neat the mapping is. gleaming all the way down the building from top to bottom. It was not a 5 minute job to lay everything out (as those of you will find out if you haven't already).

Image 3 (above) is my actual UV map squashed a little to fit into the screen template but I just wanted to show how neat this little section is. The maps had to be scaled down to fit but they are 2048x2048 all ready for textures & or bump maps, something I will be doing a lot in the next unit no doubt...

Well this concludes the Maya stuff for now, I will keep an eye out for anything new should it get posted. If not I will be working my butt off on other things :)

Take it easy people,

Over & Out,

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