Thursday, 17 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Thumbnails 101 - The Silver City of Amarganth (85-102)

Hello Everyone,

Coming in with the final batch of thumbnails (which I stayed up all night to finish). Kind of gone with a more industrial castle I did try a couple of Disney tests but I'm still not 100% still happy with the results I got here though... never the less these versions are nice :)

I have been analysing the Disney castle which is referenced to a lot of these thumbs but never the less the silver city now has its own unique feel which I'm proud of :)

Anyway final thumbnails below... enjoy!

Right first of all please refer to the image above...

85 was my original idea to do what? Stack building upon building... its nice but i couldn't visualise it at sea.

86 took the ideals of 85 only incorporated floating rafters to the side (my version of barges). This worked really well and helped inspire the next developments.

87 was just taking the idea of a ship and put houses on the rafters the ship is the size of a city so the houses in contrast are small.

88 was another look at the city of a boat idea, I thought it would seem more epic from the side... it is clearer that it is a boat but still not sure if this is the way I will take it.

89 began as a column design but as I adapted it further I began to like the small gap in the middle and then I realised I forgot my draw bridge...

90 is a similar design to 89 only now that has been transformed into some weird kind of multi lingual sail... I liked the design but it still didn't seem epic enough...

91 was the combination of 85 and 90 transformed... I was just playing here defiantly not ideal for a floating city.

92 was born from the same idea as 91 just adapting it further I could see it working but to consider an upside down city is a little hair raising.

93 was my stroke of genius, combining 86 with 87 to create a perfect merge of city and boat, just something was missing...

94 my realised thumbnail, I ripped a steeple off of a few other thumbs and distorted liquefied and totally altered each one to create a perfect rendition of the floating silver city.

Again refer to the image above for the visual perspective tests.

95 again simplistic but I didn't want to rush into anything, my final perspective will be justified in my studies, this was just exploration.

96 was inspired by a Disney picture I took, some nice god rays were there and the angle of the castle was epic... I liked this one.

97 was more of a moody sunrise scene, don't get me wrong I liked it... the castle just didn't capture me in this scene...

98 my first big success... the frontal foliage does a bang up job once again making the scene pop, you probably have noticed the industrial style building... this was where it popped for me.

99 was my metropolis... massive spinning mechanical rotatory discs that cause the city to move... An industrial powerhouse... a marvel of machinery this angle just compliments it the best...

100 was based on 99 but from another angle so I could see if I would prefer it... needless to say I didn't.

101 I was shocked to say that I would like it... I didn't think I would when I started... but I liked the idea of an enclosed city not far from the shore... possibly an angle I will consider.

102 was an above test utilizing the perspective tool... I drew the image flat and then distorted it and added the missing depth... a smart way of doing it... but other then that this concept didn't do nothing for me.

Well this concludes all of my thumbnails (what a climb). It was worth it, I do have more ideas then I did at the beginning of this Unit... next thing to come is my preparatory studies. *Crosses fingers* Wish me luck!

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  1. 99, 100, 101 all feel suitably epic - and actually I like the angle of 100 - dynamic!