Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Life Class Week 6

Hello Everyone,

These are the Life Class drawings of this week, which is the second week of the concept of "Negative Space" looking at the emptiness and negativity of looming shapes and obstacles.

These shapes are not necessarily what we would consider to exist, the idea is to draw shapes of nothing around the objects of "matter". This inevitably creates what I call an anti silhouette of outlines projecting the shapes without the object actually being there.

Fig 1 (above) are the initial 10 speed sketches with a 2 minute duration for each. The very of idea of drawing anatomy hastily still terrifies me but I still dive in head first trying my best to smile through it. These images are not looking bad though I have to say considering my initial ones were very faint.

Fig 2 (above) is the first drawing of the day for Negative Space, I felt this was the strongest of my pieces for this week. I managed to isolate the spaces quickly which pushed the objects of matter forward showing key shapes of the outline.

Fig 3 (above) shows the lower area of the model. There were so many negative spaces at the bottom of this pose that I wanted to capitalise on as many as possible. I was even running trials of the exercise prior to the word "go" by counting the number of shapes that I knew were negative... I counted 10.

Finally came Fig 4 (above) which was a bit lack luster compared to the others. I should have finished the shape above but people started finishing early & then the model moved. Before I knew it it was game over... pretty sure I had a few minutes left. Anyway at least these attempts are better then week 5... Nice to know I have the concept down now somewhat.

Well that concludes life class for week 6.

Over & Out,

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