Thursday, 24 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Preparatory Studies - The Ivory Tower

Hello Everyone,

Coming in with my final preparatory studies for "The Ivory Tower". These studies show the development of this concept thus far but something is very wrong so I am documenting its correction for this blog and to show the progression that the concept has already taken.

Not long now so I have to get a lot of things going on here, at least this is my last preparatory study post. Hope you have been enjoying them this far and if I have time I will post a few other little bits.

Anyway here are the studies please enjoy:

The image above (Study 1) shows my placement of an earlier thumbnail (75) in a perspective scene, the light is key here as it is what I decided will make the tower look much more majestic. I thought this was a very effective way of conveying combination of silhouette to prepared perspective thumbnail.

Next (Study 2) came a colour test which I used a blended gradient map, I used this to define my colour tones I like the warmth of this combination you are about to see my fatal flaw.

As you can see above the tower (Study 3) is rather bulbous but that wasn't what was wrong, what was wrong was how the tower didn't have a mass protruding from the front, this wasn't clearly evident at first which is when I moved into the next study.

At this point (Study 4) (above) it was still not evident but I added some highlights which I actually didn't mind but for the end I will be broadening my colour palette so the concept will work with my other images.

And there it is (above) this (Study 5) really defined the problem for me, flipping the image shows the eye specifically what is wrong which is good for me, giving me enough time to get it corrected for tomorrow... erm today.

Well this concludes my studies, I got a lot of stuff to get prepared now, doesn't look like I'm going to be making that shower.

Catcha in a bit people,

Over & Out,

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