Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Life Class Week 7

Hello Everyone,

This is Stitch coming in live with some new life class work. This weeks brief had us studying the concept of negative space while constantly considering the positive space (combining the two).

The concept was initially hard to fathom but I got it. The negative space can help you locate the expected shapes in any area, one can therefor compare the size of a gap to locate the shape of an elbow or perspective ankle.

Fig 1 (above) shows the standard 1 minute warm up exercises which I found surprisingly difficult this week, then again the model had a completely different build to the other models we have had this far.

Next (Fig 2) came a 2 hour long drawing which we were to combine the principles of space. Part of me was relieved 2 entire hours to work on a project meaning much more detail. I was rather late with the charcoal but I managed to define areas and the pose is pretty accurate from the angle I was standing at... Overall I don't feel I did bad here.

Well that's all for this week, 2 Images but it was nice to combine what I had learnt this far. I look forward to my next life class (sometime in Unit 3).

Now I think its time for some bed, night folks.

Over & Out,

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  1. Morning Stitch!!

    Nice 1 min sketch ups, but I agree with you- it was a bit hard drawing them this time round.

    I remembered the confused expression you had when we're told to do 2 things that are opposite each other onto the page- it just made me lol! Looking at the 2nd image it looks really good!! I can see it show the opposite spaces and the pose/ proportions do look very accurate. Good Job Stitch!! :P