Saturday, 12 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - 3D Set Design - Week 3 - Up to Date

Hello Everyone,

It wasn't an easy feat but I am fully up to date with the Maya tasks, busted out all my energy today to get these ones up. I have to say this set is a bigger project then I first thought. On the other hand I am happy, much more schooled in Maya then I was when I first come in with a minor 2 years experience in 3ds Max.

Also loving the use of image planes to create a 3D model I know its the way its done but I never have done it this way before. Anyway I won't bore you with chatter no more... the images are as follows.

Above (1) is the snapshot of my current progress. I thought id post some of the individual pieces so its more clearer then just a distant image model.

Above (2) is a render of the dorm end which corresponds with the snapshot in 1. The modelling isn't the tricky part, I actually enjoy that, but the UV mapping argh. Still without accurate UV mapping models look terrible, the principles are important.

Next (3) I thought I'd showcase the windows I built (your going to have to look closely). The pillars are also a feature here. Not sure if you can see it in these shots but there is a single lintel detail (very small).

Another render (4) of the snap (3). This shows clearly my lovely pillars and windows (really chuffed with my pillars). Enjoying set design more then I was early just patiently waiting to see the final result. Its like a jigsaw puzzle and your handed only a couple of pieces each week.

Above (5) is another snap of the complete model so far. I have only put complete at the top because that really does conclude all tutorials this far, gotta go work on other things now (written essay being focus #1)

I think its getting there but I am curious to see how much will be revealed on the final modelling class next week (shudder). Only hoping it doesn't absorb every minute of time I have ha ha.

Well this concludes 3D modelling for this week, all caught up!
Take it easy people.

Over & Out,

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