Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - 3D Set Design - Week 5

Hello Everyone,

I know the Unit 2 Space assignment has passed but I could not resist and thought I'd finish (in my own way) with some textured and light passes for the our first digital set. It hasn't been an easy feat and there are things that I would like to change but for now I think its okay.

There are no bump maps which is probably why it feels kind of flat to me, when the textures are minimised you can see the depth of each in scene crevice or fold. The textures do look good but Ideally id crack out a little more depth by using some crazy bump :)

As you can see above (1) is the snapshot of my scene that shows the various geometry, this has become standard for me. I like seeing that underneath everything this is what the model is, nothing but lines connected by points - Something I'm considering for my perception essay :)

Next (2) is my initial light pass, the sky kind of bothered me I played around with some of the settings of the light and this made the sky uneasy for me. This is when I decided to dial back the lighting a little, the sky is a present entirely - I had no idea this was possible!

Before moving on (3) I decided to see the depth of my actual scene, I thought the textures were distorting the depth of view. When I removed it I could see everything was well placed the light was still a little too overpowering this is when I decided to scale back.

Finally (4) shows the finished set, the sky is a nice blue & the floor is not overly lit. The shadows feel a little light but at present I am not sure how to fix that... something for me to ask Simon on Friday. Well I hope everyone has enjoyed this, cant wait to get into my own scene :)

Take it easy people,

Over & Out,

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