Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Time Management - Deadline Complete

Hello Everyone,

Well I had to wrap this up at some point, other things to do now. If I missed anything I will jumble it into the posts of another Unit. After all I want to be able to see that I embraced everything this course had to offer and asked me to provide.

With Unit 3 looming I cannot help but feel excited, complete creative freedom to develop an idea. Its the holy grail and what I have been waiting for. I have a number of ideas but one specifically that I wish to double up with the next unit (which I know is story development). We will see if it is possible but its my high hopes.

Another task board has been done, my little process has had to take a number of twists and turns here and there requiring me to get a little creative. The next board is broken into parts no post it note is a simple cut and dry task, it is a partial task so I wont rush anything. Giving me time to embrace each development as it comes so i will ultimately NOT BURN MYSELF OUT.

Another shot of me looking rather happy, what can I say this last Unit took a lot out of me. This is why I have adapted the task board, so I can have a little down time... discussions with Phil have led me to believe I've been working too hard... gotta use this board as an aid - a guide, not as a demand of daily toil.

Anyway, Unit 2 has been a tiring but interesting experience, I'm hoping the next Unit will go better.

Over & Out,


  1. I thought you had white paint all over you until I enlarged the image to see it was light haha

  2. Hey Stitch,

    Good Job on the post it task boards!! Can't believe time flys so quick- but just want to say its been great working with you in unit 2 and thank you for the help and the brushes you gave me. Hope to work with you again soon!! :D