Saturday, 12 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Thumbnails 101 - Silver City Concept (53)

Hello Everyone,

Another small update, I decided to build up one of the original ideas I had for "the Silver City of Amarganth". I wanted to explore a little with one of the basic ideas I had to see how far I could spread it. Even the simplest concept can wind up becoming an amazing success.

I'm having fun with the idea of the city having looming spires that slope and attach to a sphere style gate. There are boats as this concept is at sea, even the castle is afloat. I may even consider making the castle a boat itself... Interesting...

My quick test was on thumb 24 (above) I loved the idea of the spherical gates... it really gave me a feeling of elegance. Not as industrial as I had originally thought the Silver city would progress... The concept is basic, but I had a good feeling about it...

This is a 3 point grid (Grid) I was working on, I think something is off here but it is just experimental for now. Perspective lines can be a very confusing thing if you are not careful. Anyway griding aside I wanted fireworks, meaning I needed a night scene... I could imagine the water reflecting moonlight or fireworks... Lots of colours radiance... smoke...

I started slamming on blocks of colour (Block Colour) specifically around the sky... I wanted my mid-tone first. Mid-tones are ideally placed before dark's and lights otherwise you will be messing about adjusting 50 shades of grey before defining the image. I chose stereotypical rowing boats to prop the castle but I think I'd prefer something more decorative... Barges are a must but not ordinary!

Next came the invaluable sea (Stairs/Entrance)... reflective qualities albeit basic. I knew there would have to be an emerging dock into the castle... I may even make it a note right here to imagine a castle gate... possibly a bigger gate like a draw bridge, hmmm I think I have the idea candidate for a drawbridge castle!!

Hyrule castle!! Awesome draw bridge, yes that is defiantly a good thing to note for this concept (should I take it forward). Anyway onto the next step of the process...

Next came the City Structure (above) I like the idea of this shape... It really does something for me, I get my wonky Disney style buildings as well as fulfill some of the vital visual details listed in "The Never Ending Story": "In the Middle of the lake", "All Houses Supported by Boats", "Larger Palaces Supported by Great Barges", "At Midnight there were fireworks, such had never been seen in Fantastica".

Fireworks is my case in point here... They will be more epic once I get down to it... I defiantly have an amazing shot in my arsenal to use for firework reference thanks to the Epic Disney!!. This is as far as I have taken the concept, I didn't want to pull the trigger without exploring a few other possibilities... but its nice to know this one is here :)

If there's one thing that I will get right in this particular concept... that sky is going to look just as good as the sky in the picture above. I will make that my testament to this concept... I don't care If I have to stay up all night, it will be how I want it to be!!

Anyway, talking of no sleep I have to go its 6:40am... got a lot going on tomorrow and I need at least 3 hours energy...

Over & Out,

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