Saturday, 5 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Life Class Week 5

Hello Everyone,

Reigning in with my 4th update of the day, my past week at life class was rather interesting, a method which I was aware of came to light in a massive way, namely the concept of negative space. In previous weeks it had been discussed and I was aware of it from previous drawing lessons (structure of man, etc). The concept took a while to stick but near the end I started to get it.

We started to how we had been accustomed with the initial quick 2 minute sketches on various poses which as usual I found a little tricky but I think I am getting the hang of it slowly but surely. These are shown above in Fig 1.

Next (Fig 2) was the concept of Negative space focusing on everything but the model. Sadly the concept didn't stick too well for this piece I thought I was to implement shadow in crevices that were negative and around the model, namely in the form of shades of black and grey. The concept was the edges only, which did not stick until the end of my next piece.

Fig 3 was more what negative space implied certainly more then Fig 2. The outline was what was important anything but the model themselves. This allowed me to attach the term "abstract" to the proceedings which I'd heard of but had never experienced until this point. Sadly I did not realise this until the end of the concept which is hence why there is some detail still present.

The final image of the day (Fig 4) began with a small detailing session which I realised after wasn't needed. However, I believe the idea got across better in this image. I started merging a colleagues head and easel behind the model taking notice of everything around the room. If I'd had longer you'd probably see a massive cluster of patterned easels and protruding heads.

Overall this week was interesting, I have another way of looking at art and I am thankful for this new understanding. I must be getting a little smarter :) (i think).

Over & Out,

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  1. Hey Stitch,

    Thanks for your helpful feedback and advice, got all the changes made especially Stars Ward!! whoops!! haha

    I really like your 2 mins ones, especially the third one on the top row, very well proportioned. The butt and the legs are improving as well but Keep it up!!

    I see what you mean about the negative space thingy, but as what Chris says to me drawing faint measurement lines is a common way of approaching this but do try and draw without them. Oh and try to avoid joining lines in between shapes like your 4th pic where she's sitting on a chair.

    Apart from all that, its all looking really good!!! :D